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Mr. Dubstep – 2.5D arcade runner

There are +15 amazing and creative levels on the way, each with different generated worlds that will keep you interested and endless level aside.

Jump/Shoot/Boost/Switch Gravity and have fun.

Many colorful obstacles that you need to avoid, new players to unlock and a lot of tricky levels to beat.

Features and Requirements

– More than 15 amazing levels to unlock

– Earn diamonds and spend them on store to buy new players.

– Play with different players, each of them has a different power

  • Players
  • – Robot – Shoots clones
  • – Evil Robot – Blasts a Beam ray
  • – Eye – Spawns clones
  • – Smiley – receives an extra life
  • – Alien – Calls a Ufo
  • – Zombie – Uses shield
  • – Skull – goes into Slow Motion




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